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Tile, Wood and Laminate Flooring


Step Into The Home of Your Dreams

A beautiful new floor makes a statement; it ties together the room and the house while adding warmth for the eyes and the feet.  Elite Installers recommends high-quality Armstrong floors in a variety of textures and styles. Wood, linoleum, tile and affordable hardwood laminates that look just like the real deal are gorgeous, durable, slip resistant and scratch proof. 

Real Wood Floors

Armstrong hardwood floors are crafted form the finest domestic and exotic woods. Elite Installers can match any interior design concept, from bright, shiny, modern finishes to rustic distressed looks.

Hardwood Laminate Floors

Armstrong Hardwood Laminate Flooring looks like real wood and provides extra scratch resistance. This economical, easy-maintenance flooring alternative is perfect for families with pets, children and other sources of common scuffs and scratches. 

Stone Laminate Floors

Armstrong Stone Laminate Flooring is an economical alternate to stone tile and is warmer to the foot. Scratch resistant and available in a wide variety of colors and textures, stone laminate is a favorite with Pacific Northwest homeowners.

Linoleum Floors

Never before has a “green” (eco-friendly) floor been available in so many vibrant colors. Armstrong Linoleum Flooring is made from natural materials like linseed oil, recycled wood flour, cork dust and limestone. It is naturally anti-bacterial and biodegradable. For a dramatic, modern look, look no further than Armstrong Linoleum. 

Vinyl Tile Floors

Armstrong Vinyl Tile Flooring provides the same look as ceramic tile, but is easier to install, easier to maintain and is warmer to the foot. Vinyl tile offers greater crack and shatter resistance than traditional tile as well. Drop a heavy pan? You've got a mess but not a permanent problem.

Ceramic Tile

If your design calls for traditional ceramic tile, we have your floors covered. Choose from thousands of tile shapes, sizes and grouts; we'll install it to level and smooth perfection.