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The 8-Day Kitchen Remodel

Elite Installers has kitchen and bathroom remodeling down to a science. If your remodeling project doesn't call for any significant structural changes to the room (moving plumbing, gas pipes or tearing out a structural support wall), then we can install a completely new kitchen in only 8 working days.

Cabinets • Countertop • Appliances • Lighting • Floors

You will probably spend more time picking out the perfect mix of new cabinets, handles, appliances, flooring and lights than it will take us to install it. We have hundreds of products and styles to choose from.

Whenever possible, Elite Installers Preserves Northwest Traditions by working with manufacturers from the Pacific Northwest -- wait until you see the beautiful flooring and cabinets made right here at home!

Prior to installation:

All products will be shipped to your home. Flooring will need three days to acclimate to the temperature and humidity in your house.

Day #1: Tear Down

Head out and enjoy Seattle while we make some noise.

We will tear out your existing cabinets, appliances, lighting and flooring. All of this will be disposed of in the most environmentally responsible way possible. By the end of the day, the room will be vacuumed to the studs.

√ If you're remodeling your kitchen -- prepare to enjoy the area's many fine restaurants for the next few days.
√ If your house has more than one bathroom, water service will be turned back on by the end of the day.

Day #2 - 3: New Floor Installation

Our flooring install specialists will level, insulate and install your brand-new floor -- tile, linoleum, hardwood or hardwood laminate. Learn more about your many options here.

Day #4 -5: New Cabinet Installation

The cabinet team will install cabinets that are pre-manufactured to your specifications. Beautiful kitchen islands too. Our countertop specialists will work seamlessly to prepare for their install.

Day #6 -7: New Appliances and Countertop Installation

As the marble, granite, tile, laminate or quartz countertops are installed, the appliance team will roll in your new refrigerator, dishwasher(s), cooktop, range or wall ovens.

Day #8: New Lighting Installation and Cleanout

Our lighting team will install track or recessed ceiling lights and under cabinet lighting as our cleaning crews vacuum, mop and shine everything in the room.

By the time we're done removing boxes, you will never know we were there. Come in and prepare for the big reveal -- just like on those home makeover TV shows!