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Our Team - Elite Installers

President, General Contractor

I have been very successful in this business for one simple reason: my word is my bond. I took a vow to serve my country, and long after my military service ended, I kept that vow in service to my community. I make promises I can keep and deliver nothing short of the best.

During my 30 years in the construction business, I learned how to do things right and how to do things wrong. Shortsighted contractors tend to add a few extra charges here and there, or sell products and services the customer doesn't need. They forget one simple fact: they can only fool the customer once.

Elite Installers thinks about the big picture. We ensure our customers see tremendous value for their investments. Happy customers want to work with us again and will refer Elite Installers to their friends and family. We feel there is no better way to do business.

I'll admit I was partially inspired to found this company after seeing The Avengers last summer. I spent the fall recruiting a dream team of the best builders, contractors and trade specialists I've ever worked with. That's where the name comes from; we truly areā€¦